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For Aircraft Acquisition, Sales, & Completions ... Choose FMS.

he acquisition, sale, or completion of mid to large corporate and airline aircraft can be a daunting challenge, for even the most seasoned professionals.

At FMS, we can help. We specialize in buying, selling, and completing cabin class jet aircraft, from the Hawker series, to Gulfstream, Bombardier, BBJ, and Boeing 737 sized airframes. We believe that the job should get done based upon your needs, not the size of our commission. That's why we structure our services based upon a one-time, flat fee, as your representative. Our services are based upon finding the best solution, not the best commission.

For potential Buyers, there are a wide range of considerations that come into play during the acquisition process.  Your flight department's mission, typical and projected use, route structure, passenger loads, and operational costs are all important aspects in determining the right aircraft for you.

With over 20 years of experience in domestic and international flight operations on large corporate and airline aircraft, we can find the right aircraft that will fit your needs to a tee. And, because of our experience with acquisitions and completion of over a dozen aircraft in the last few years, we know how to oversee the purchase and the completion process, so that you get the right aircraft, at the right price, with the right equipment.

For Sellers, knowing the marketplace and the scope of potential buyers in realtime is key. That's why we offer personalized sales and marketing assistance that is designed specifically for your aircraft. Our list of global connections and associations will simplify the networking process. Our goal is to make the divestiture of your aircraft as painless as possible.

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Call Ken Qualls today at (561) 750-9921 or email him to find out how he can structure your aircraft acquisition, sales, or completion project.

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