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Flight Department & Management Safety Audits

If your Flight Operations aren't running as smoothly as you'd like, maybe its time to find out why.  At FMS, we offer comprehensive, on-site, personalized, operational and management Safety Audit Services. We focus in on an evaluation of your flight department's operations against the strictest safety and operational standards. Our exploratory audits can help you refine your flight department, quickly, effectively, and confidentially.

Management & Administration
Senior Auditor with IBAC
IS-BAO Auditor and SMS (Safety Management & Systems Eval) Audits
Management Experience
Safety Programs
Insurance & Risk Management
Drug & Alcohol Program

Flight Operations

Operations History and FAA/FSDO Relationship
Operations Specifications & Operations Manuals
Crew Training Programs, Manuals, & Training Records
First Aid/CPR Training
Flight Personnel Record Keeping History
Duty Logs and Scheduling/Dispatch Functions
Flight Planning & Passenger Handling
Facilities Planning


Maintenance/Flight Operations Coordination
OSHA Requirement Compliance, Facilities & Equipment
Maintenance Programs & Procedures (Aircraft)
Maintenance Libraries/Manuals
Training Manuals & Maintenance Training Program
Technician Personnel & Duty Limitations
Storeroom & Spare Parts Inventory
Tooling/Tool Calibration Program
Aircraft Records, Inspections, and Security
Fueling & Fuel Farm